A Vehicle’s Electric, the Most Valuable Part

Since cars were first created, vehicle mechanics and maintenance remained more or less consistent until the last decade. Being a mechanic meant working on the physical mechanics of an engine and car. In the last 10 years, however, vehicles have become complex machines that rely on computer chips and electrical wiring rather than simple mechanics. While the basic mechanics of a vehicle are largely unchanged, with the exception of electronic fuel injection, the electric components of a vehicle have become increasingly complicated.

Computer Diagnostics and Vehicle Repair

Even the most astute mechanics struggle to fix computer diagnostic errors. These types of errors typically lead to recalls. In 2010, Lexus recalled 9,000 vehicles in order to repair computer software problems. In 2011, Honda recalled 936,000 vehicles. When Honda discovered that there were problems with earlier and later models, problems they had overlooked, they recalled another million.

Computers in vehicles are so complex now that car companies are forced to offer ”software assurance” packages in order to lure customers into buying a vehicle. Computer systems manage everything from acceleration to braking, and everything in between.

Forget Being a Mechanic, Become a Technician

In reality, the closest a vehicle owner can come to understanding the computer problems their vehicle has is with a code reader. Code readers are usually upwards of $25 or more. The problem with code readers is that if the computer isn’t working properly, they’re of little to no value!

Even when they do function, they are difficult to interpret if you are a layman. The only way to truly understand what problems are causing a modern car to run poorly is to take it to a mechanic with diagnostic equipment & the knowledge to interpret it. A code will only tell you that a certain sensor in the vehicle is reading out of specification. It does not tell you what is causing this. That is where the tech comes in.

While it sounds crass, the fact is, if you understand computer diagnostics equipment, you are ahead of the game with respect to other mechanics. Being ahead of the game means more money. As money is the object of work, by understanding computer diagnostics equipment, you are leaps and bounds ahead of other mechanics. A good drivability or diagnostic tech is very desirable in today’s auto repair shops.

Simply, concentrate on learning how to interpret the diagnosis of vehicle computer diagnostics equipment if you want to earn money in the modern world. Being a wrench monkey pays what it always has paid. If you’re someone that can interpret the language of a vehicle’s computer, you’ll earn a different kind of money.