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Fuel Pump Tech Tips

Diagnosing a “No Start”

Make sure when diagnosing a no-start that the battery is fully charged. A low battery will make all of the electrical systems work at a lower performance which can lead to a problem that is not...

Cylinders are the Victims of Cheap Gasoline

If your favorite gas station or supplier decides to save a few cents by adding less dispersant-detergent additives to its fuel or skipping it altogether then your injectors will eventually become...

Detonation: Harmful Multitasking

Is multitasking a good thing? It often is, but not in the form of detonation, or spark knock. Normally, fuel burns smoothly in the combustion chambers as one flame in front expands outwards from the...

Your Exhaust Can Tell You Something

White smoke coming from your tailpipe in the winter is normal when it only lasts for a few minutes. This is usually from water in the exhaust turning to steam. If it continues, check for an...

Codes and More Codes

If the sensors in your vehicle are malfunctioning, the computer sets, and stores a code. It then turns the service engine light on to alert the driver that there is a problem. Once you see the...

Fuel Pump Related Blogs

ASE Certifications and Their Importance to the Automotive Technician

What Is an ASE Certification and Why Is It Important? ASE certification and the badge on the uniform signify that you have been tested and certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service...

Dissecting an Electric Fuel Pump

When you order a fuel pump for your vehicle, you may be surprised to see it in a huge box. That is because you must replace the entire fuel pump module or hanger instead of just the fuel pump. Some...

How Does Direct Fuel Injection Work in Diesel Engines?

Before evolving into the fuel injection systems we enjoy today, a car's fuel delivery system featured carburetors. Diesel engines, however, have always utilized direct fuel injection. Unlike...

How Fuel Trim Is Affected by Engine Sensors

Fuel trim is a term used to describe the Powertrain Control Module's (PCM) efforts to maintain an optimal 14.7:1 fuel mixture (14.7 parts of air to 1 part fuel). The PCM adjusts the fuel trim an...

How to Care for a Marine Fuel Delivery System

Marine fuel delivery systems require the same amount of care that is given to automotive systems. Marine equipment can even be subject to more extreme conditions when the effects of salt water are...

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