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At Fuel Pump U, we know that customers demand the very best performance from their fuel pump replacement and other car and truck repair parts. Whether you are a DIYer, technician, or counterperson, FPU wants your fuel pump repair and car repair projects to be complete successes.

Fuel Pump Tech Tips

Is It Really Fuel Pump Failure?

It is important to check everything else before you do a costly and perhaps unnecessary fuel pump replacement. Look for electrical problems, bad wiring, a short, split hoses, a vacuum leak or a clogged fuel filter.

Diagnosing a Mild Ignition Misfiring Problem

Diagnosing a Mild Ignition Misfiring Problem If you have occasional misfiring, it could be the fault of dirty spark plugs, a faulty plug wire or a weak ignition coil. But if the misfiring isn't bad...

Release the Pressure in the Fuel Lines

Before you change an injector or a fuel filter, release the pressure in the fuel lines.

Driveability Problems: Bad Car or Bad Gas?

If your vehicle is misfiring, sputtering or stalling repeatedly, then before you spend hours trying to find something broken, try different fuel: Drain the tank and add fresh, high-quality gas.

3 Fuel Pump Tech Tips

Make sure when removing or installing a fuel pump module to take extra precautions to not bend the sender arm.

Fuel Pump Related Blogs

How to be Successful as an Automotive Technician

High technology has transformed the automotive industry in the past two decades. The term “auto mechanic” is no longer appropriate — now the proper term is “Automotive Technician.”

Checking the Inertia Switch on Ford Vehicles

The inertia switch is a safety item incorporated by Ford in the fuel system of its vehicles. The only time the inertia switch should trip is during a collision.

Could a Faulty TPS Be Lowering Your Fuel Economy?

The throttle position sensor (TPS) detects the position of your throttle and sends this along to the car's computer. If the sensor's mechanical parts become worn, then bad data is submitted, causing...

Dual-Pump Fuel System Diagnostics

A dual-pump fuel system is just what the name suggests – there is more than one fuel pump present in the fuel delivery system. Multiple pumps can be part of the fuel system for a number of reasons.

Everything You Need To Know About Fuel Delivery Systems In 500 Words Or Less

As is with many other facets of an automobile, the modern version of the fuel delivery system is much different than decades previous. As typical as it may be, it is particularly important to be aware of, especially when looking to diagnose a problem.

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