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At Fuel Pump U, we know that customers demand the very best performance from their fuel pump replacement and other car and truck repair parts. Whether you are a DIYer, technician, or counterperson, FPU wants your fuel pump repair and car repair projects to be complete successes.

Fuel Pump Tech Tips

Diagnosing a Mild Ignition Misfiring Problem

Diagnosing a Mild Ignition Misfiring Problem If you have occasional misfiring, it could be the fault of dirty spark plugs, a faulty plug wire or a weak ignition coil. But if the misfiring isn't bad...

Release the Pressure in the Fuel Lines

Before you change an injector or a fuel filter, release the pressure in the fuel lines.

Driveability Problems: Bad Car or Bad Gas?

If your vehicle is misfiring, sputtering or stalling repeatedly, then before you spend hours trying to find something broken, try different fuel: Drain the tank and add fresh, high-quality gas.

3 Fuel Pump Tech Tips

Make sure when removing or installing a fuel pump module to take extra precautions to not bend the sender arm.

4 Tips You Should Know Regarding Fuel Systems

Always inspect your fuel pump relay when replacing the fuel pump. A worn or damaged relay can cause low voltage.

Fuel Pump Related Blogs

Choosing Between Mechanical Fuel Pump And Electric Fuel Pump

The purpose of the fuel pump in an automobile is to deliver fuel from the gas tank to the fuel injector or carburetor at the necessary pressure.

Finding the Correct Fuel Pump for Specific Applications

It is important the correct fuel pump replacement is sold and installed in the specific applications. There are several factors that are important considerations in looking up the application-specific fuel pump.

6 Factors That Affect The Fuel Pressure In Fuel Pumps

To have proper delivery of fuel at correct flow rates and pressure from the gas tank to fuel injectors it is essential to maintain steady gasoline supply in the fuel lines. Proper fuel delivery is essential for maintaining good engine performance. Sometimes, electric fuel pumps do not deliver fuel at the required pressure and volume thereby causing the vehicle’s engine to malfunction or possibly not work at all.

Avoid These 5 Fuel System Diagnostic Errors

As auto manufacturers keep striving to improve car engines and their fuel burning efficiency, fuel systems in cars keep getting more and more complex. A phenomenon that’s arisen as a result of these innovations is that fuel delivery issues are being misdiagnosed.

Fuel Pump Failure – Knowing the Nightmare, But Not the Cause

A problem with your vehicle’s fuel system is one of the most frustrating automotive issue experiences you can have. Unlike a dead battery, a flat tire or an overheating engine, sometimes problems with the fuel system aren’t definitive.

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