Safety in the automotive service workplace must always remain a top priority, given the number of hazards encountered on a daily basis. Auto shops are extremely hazardous, with a great deal of liability.

The business owner is responsible, so any unsafe practices by persons on the property must not be permitted for any reason.

Safety Standards for the Shop

  • Always have a sufficient number of properly placed fire extinguishers available with a current inspection tag.
  • Have an operating water source with an eye-washing station and a fully stocked first-aid kit on the wall.
  • All employees must wear safety glasses when grinding or doing anything that could be hazardous to the eye.
  • Wear dust masks when working on brakes to prevent asbestos from entering the lungs.
  • Prevent customers from coming into the shop area for any reason without an accompanying technician, and even in those cases, only allow it to justify the work needed.
  • All employees must be notified prior to a technician opening a fuel system on a vehicle to prevent accidental ignition.
  • Technicians must always be vigilant when replacing fuel pumps, and the worksite should be designated as a no-smoking area. While gas fumes are present, do not use items or tools that create a spark. Do not use any electrical tools in the immediate proximity of the worksite due to arcing of the motor.
  • Never lift a motor or transmission with a jack without supporting it with a block of wood or a similar item.
  • Never allow a customer to raise a hood to demonstrate a problem. Allow the technician to determine the best course of action.
  • Keep all floors free of grease and debris to prevent falls.

Conduct safety meetings as necessary to keep all the employees up-to-speed on current safety strategies.