What is a fuel pump? How is it relevant to you? It is a mechanical or an electrical device; to be more specific, a fuel pump draws the fuel from the fuel tank and supplies it to the carburetor (in older cars) or fuel injection system in a modern day car or a device fitted with an internal combustion engine.

Two types of pumps are generally used in the automobile industry. Modern cars generally use electrical fuel pumps whereas the older cars are fitted with mechanical pumps due to the presence of carburetor.

How to maintain it  

With a little effort, these can be maintained for a long time. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help with the maintenance.

  • Never keep your fuel level too low inside the fuel tank because it’ll cause the pump to overheat which tends to lead to a thermal shock for the pump
  • Changing the fuel filter at the recommended time frame will also help to enhance the life of a fuel pump
  • Using suitable fuel based on the type of engine of your car for the healthy running of your car
  • If you are not using the fuel in the tank for some time either a few weeks to a few months. You need to either add an additive or  better still drain the fuel tank to avoid issues caused by degradation of the gas like deposits and gums that are not good for your car

Do you need to repair or replace

If you are getting a sputtering sound from your engine and your vehicle starts jerking at accelerated speeds and resumes it’s time to keep an eye on your fuel pump for possible replacement or you can go for its repair if possible. Ignoring the symptoms will finally end in the stalling of the engine and your car may end up in a situation where it won’t start.

If replacement is necessary, use the following tips for smoothly replacing with a new fuel pump

The below tips look simple, but not taking care of them leads to unnecessary pain and frustration. 

  • With the proper tool disconnect the negative battery cable at first
  • Don’t forget to empty the fuel tank
  • Thoroughly check the replacement fuel tank specification and ensure it correctly matches your vehicle model

Read the replacement instruction manual beforehand; Some people have done several replacements and they feel confident but at least have the instruction manual handy to refer during the installation process. This will be helpful during some steps that are confusing or tricky.