The fuel pump is an essential part of any vehicle and it is used to pump or deliver the fuel from the gas tank. A fuel pump is responsible for supplying the engine with the fuel required to keep the engine running. If it doesn’t function properly then the engine will not run.

Issues with the fuel pump lead to performance problems like excessive noise from the engine, rising temperature, difficulty in starting, loss of power under stress, and vehicle start trouble. It’s better to recognize the symptoms of fuel pump failure and take corrective measures before the neglect causes the issue to snowball and affect other components and making the issue worse.  Here are some symptoms of fuel pump failure:

Sound from the engine:

The first symptom of fuel pump failure is a high-pitched noise from the car engine. An old or damaged fuel pump produces a loud noise when it is running. No doubt the noise of a working fuel pump is not the same for all vehicles. It varies based on vehicle make and model. Vehicles produce normal low noise when the fuel pump is working in the normal condition but if a loud noise is coming from the fuel tank, then it is an indication that there is an issue related to the fuel pump.

Difficulty in starting:

Another common symptom of fuel pump failure is difficulty in starting the automobile. One of the common ways to troubleshoot a car having difficulty in starting is to examine the condition of the fuel pump. Over time components in the fuel pumps may get damaged due to wear and tear and the pumping ability may weaken. So make sure to check the fuel pump whenever there is difficulty in starting. A weaken fuel pump will not develop the required fuel pressure and this leads to difficulty in starting the vehicle.

Loss of power under stress:

Another clear symptom of a failing fuel pump is the loss of power under stress. Weakening parts of the fuel pump will start to cause trouble in the smooth working of the car. Certain activities such as climbing a hill, place an extra strain on the engine and more fuel is required to deliver the performance. In such situations, the negative impact on vehicle performance due to a weak and failing fuel will be very obvious.

Vehicle will not start:

One common symptom of the fuel pump failure is the no start condition. If you have been ignoring the above symptoms of a weak or erratically functioning fuel pump then you may definitely end up with a no start condition. If the fuel pump is not functioning then it will be unable to deliver the fuel from the gas tank, absolutely no fuel can reach the engine then the vehicle won’t start. Vehicle will crank, by turning the ignition key but it will be unable to start due to lack of fuel supply to the engine.

These are some of the symptoms that you should be aware to keep your vehicle in good condition. Check these symptoms for your vehicle at regular intervals. These symptoms will help in timely identification of any issues with the working of the vehicle’s fuel pump. An appropriate resolution will help you avoid disruptions in life either due to subpar vehicle performance or a vehicle break down.