Fuel pump serves a crucial function of delivering fuel to the vehicle’s engine. Although it is a critical component, most car and truck users know very little about the fuel pump.  Sometimes, the fuel pump may need to be replaced during the life of a vehicle.

The most annoying part about this pump is that it suddenly stops functioning. However, you can avoid such a situation with proper understanding, maintenance and care of the fuel pump. To maintain the component properly you need to know its job in detail.

Job of the fuel pump

Every modern car has an electric fuel pump located in the fuel tank. Its job is to transfer fuel from tank to engine’s fuel injection. A steady supply of fuel has to be done in proper quantity and at a standard pressure. Then it will help the engine to perform as expected under different driving conditions.

Taking care of the fuel pump to ensure its long life

As this job is very important and it is also difficult to access the pump because of its location, the pump is usually built robustly.  Many auto mechanics are of the opinion that a fuel pump should last the entire life of a vehicle. However, with years of driving and neglect, the pumps often fail and have to be replaced. Usage and fuel quality are the two most eminent factors on which life of a pump depends. To ensure the long life of a vehicle’s fuel pump you need to follow certain guidelines.

Never keep the fuel pump empty

You cannot let the fuel level fall below a quarter of a tank. The pump is an electrical device and it heats up while doing its job. Manufacturers have thus put the pump inside the tank to keep it cool. If it does not remain immersed in gas all the time the purpose will not be solved. Moreover, when the tank is empty and suddenly gasoline is pumped in, it can give a thermal shock to the pump.

Do not get fuel with dirt

Gasoline mixed with debris is less common these days, as most of the station try to keep high-quality gas. However, try not to stop at the fuel station to fill the tank that is getting gas at the same time. While the station is getting gas all the debris and deposits are stirred up in stored gasoline. If you accept that fuel into your car, the pump filters will not be able to catch them all.

Change fuel filters

You need to replace fuel filters on a yearly basis. Regardless of what is mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual or how many miles you have traveled it is essential to change them so that no debris can enter the pump.

Add anti-ethanol agent

Today, fuel is blended with ethanol.  Ethanol helps the agricultural economy, is good for the environment and helps reduce dependency on foreign oil. If you are not fully utilizing fuel from the tank in a week or two, add an anti-ethanol agent to it. Otherwise, the fuel system may develop issues.

In order to keep your vehicle’s fuel pump in perfect working condition, you have to keep these few simple things in mind. These steps may help the fuel pump to survive the entire life of a vehicle.