Fuel Pump Module Install Or Replacement

Make sure when removing or installing a fuel pump module to take extra precautions to not bend the sender arm. A bent sender arm can lead to an inaccurate or non-functioning fuel gauge.

Running Rich?

The Culprits Are…(Drum Roll, Please!)If your engine is consistently running with a rich fuel mixture (too much gasoline), then the most likely causes include a leaky fuel injector, a faulty fuel pressure regulator, a restricted or clogged fuel return line, a filthy air filter, a (partially) clogged air intake system, a restricted exhaust system, or an oxygen sensor that shorted out.

Tips For Removing Water From Your Gas Tank

You will need two pieces of one-inch diameter flexible hose and a hand-held fuel pump siphon. One piece must be long enough to reach the bottom of your gas tank; about four feet in length should work. The other piece of hose will fit into a large empty gasoline container. Attach your hose pieces to each end of your siphon. Check that you have the flow direction going from your tank to the container. Insert the long hose until you feel it hit the bottom of the tank and begin squeezing the pump. Remember to dispose of the waste fuel properly and do not siphon gas with your mouth. If you have very little water in your tank with only a gallon or two of gasoline, add 8 oz. of a gas dryer and fill the tank with fresh gas.