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Symptoms of Fuel Pump Failure

The fuel pump is an essential part of any vehicle and it is used to pump or deliver the fuel from the gas tank. A fuel pump is responsible for supplying the engine with the fuel required to keep the engine running.

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The How-To Guide for Fuel Pumps

What is a fuel pump? How is it relevant to you? It is a mechanical or an electrical device; to be more specific, a fuel pump draws the fuel from the fuel tank and supplies it to the carburetor (in older cars) or fuel injection system in a modern day car or a device fitted with an internal combustion engine.

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How Modern Car’s Fuel System Works

The design of the cars and many of its parts have evolved a lot over the last few decades. One of the key components of the vehicle is the fuel pump. The fuel tank in a car or truck is typically located at the other end of the car away from the engine.

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