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Symptoms of Fuel Pump Failure

The fuel pump is an essential part of any vehicle and it is used to pump or deliver the fuel from the gas tank. A fuel pump is responsible for supplying the engine with the fuel required to keep the engine running.

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The How-To Guide for Fuel Pumps

What is a fuel pump? How is it relevant to you? It is a mechanical or an electrical device; to be more specific, a fuel pump draws the fuel from the fuel tank and supplies it to the carburetor (in older cars) or fuel injection system in a modern day car or a device fitted with an internal combustion engine.

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Fuel Pumps Types and Maintenance Tips

A fuel pump is an integral part of a car. A car engine is primarily responsible for burning a combination of air and fuel. The engine receives the air and fuel from two very different sources. The fuel is pumped along a pipe...

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How Modern Car’s Fuel System Works

The design of the cars and many of its parts have evolved a lot over the last few decades. One of the key components of the vehicle is the fuel pump. The fuel tank in a car or truck is typically located at the other end of the car away from the engine.

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How to Deal With a Broken Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is one of the crucial parts of your car. Without the fuel pump, no fuel will be pumped to the engine and it will not be able to function. Modern fuel pumps usually last very long.

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