Tech Tips

Release the Pressure in the Fuel Lines

Before you change an injector or a fuel filter, release the pressure in the fuel lines. Remove the negative battery terminal, then place a shop towel under and around the Shrader valve. Read More

Diagnosing a Mild Ignition Misfiring Problem

If you have occasional misfiring, it could be the fault of dirty spark plugs, a faulty plug wire or a weak ignition coil. But if the misfiring isn't bad enough to trigger a code, what can you do? Read More

Prepare Your Fuel System for Cold Weather

Fuel systems need special preparations in order to weather the winter unscathed. Even if you do not live in an area that sees brutal winter weather, chances are you will be traveling to colder climates at some point.

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What Excess Noise Means?

Is your fuel pump making extra noise these days? Excess noise may be an indication of excessive pump wear.

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Removing the Fuel Pump Ring

When removing the fuel pump lock ring on top of the fuel tank, you may be tempted to use a hammer and a metal punch or screwdriver.

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Caution When Lowering Fuel Tank

Be careful when lowering the fuel tank with the fuel lines still connected. Some vehicles don’t have very much room to allow the lines to come down.

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Chrysler Fuel Pump Modules

Because several OE Chrysler fuel pump modules feature a paper strainer/filter element, US Motor Works made a design change to this element that looks significantly different from the original fuel pump.

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Codes and More Codes

If the sensors in your vehicle are malfunctioning, the computer sets and stores a code. It then turns the service engine light on to alert the driver that there is a problem.

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Your Exhaust Can Tell You Something

White smoke coming from your tail pipe in the winter is normal when it only lasts for a few minutes. This is usually from water in the exhaust turning to steam.

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Detonation: Harmful Multitasking

Is multitasking a good thing? It often is, but not in the form of detonation, or spark knock.

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Cylinders are the Victims of Cheap Gasoline

If your favorite gas station or supplier decides to save a few cents by adding less dispersant-detergent additives to its fuel or skipping it altogether then your injectors will eventually become clogged with varnish deposits.

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Diagnosing a "No Start"

Make sure when diagnosing a no start that the battery is fully charged.

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